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RoboCoin has Arrived

Bitcoin’s First Real ATM is here and accepting pre-orders. RoboCoin allows buying and selling Bitcoins from a freestanding kiosk that integrates beautiful software, bank grade hardware and security, and 100% Federal compliance capabilities.

RoboCoin’s technology makes it a legitimate contender in the emerging market for Bitcoin machines. “Seriously, how Bush League is an ‘ATM’ if it can’t do the equivalent of deposits and withdrawals or be left unattended?” RoboCoin CEO Jordan Kelley quipped, taking a jab at competing buy-only tabletop machines.

At $20,000 per unit (there’s an $18,500 pre-order promotion through September) each RoboCoin represents a compelling investment for business owners. They’ll earn a percentage of transactions and attract Bitcoin’s loyal user-base, while also offering unprecedented access and ease-of-adoption to Bitcoin newcomers. Furthermore every Robocoin on the market increases Bitcoin liquidity and usage, putting upward pressure on the digital currency’s valuation, awareness, and legitimacy.

RoboCoin to date has received inquiries from over 20 regions including: Canada, Australia, Prague, Kenya, Ireland, the Philippines and Thailand.

RoboCoin Quick Facts:

RoboCoin was on display at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference in San Jose and was featured in Wired.

•Exchange Integration with Mt. Gox or Bitstamp delivers dynamic Bitcoin inventory: trades are placed in real time.

•Dashboard allows owners easy machine administration, accounting, and email/text alert-configuration.

•Compliance Tools: industry-leading security features a palm vein scanner that can isolate individual transactors for AML while the webcam can be used to collect identification and even proof of residency for KYC requirements.

•RoboCoin Kiosks can be purchased with Bitcoins or USD.